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BCST > JC801 6.3G Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter

JC801 6.3G Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter

1.1 Principle Of Measurement
The ultrashort microwave pulse with very low emitted energy is sent and received by antenna system. Radar wave travels at the speed of light. Runtime can be transformed into thing level signal by electronic components. A kind of special time extension method is able to guarantee stable and precise measurement in a very short time. Even if the condition is more complex, and there is false echo, we also analyze accurately the echo of thing level by using latest microprocessor technology and debugging software.

1.2 Input
Antenna receives reflected microwave impulse, and then transmits the microwave to the elctronic circuit. Microprocessor deals with the signal and identifies the echo signal that micro-impulse produces on the surface of material. Correct echo signal is identified by intelligent software, of which precise is up to millimetre size. Distance D to the surface of material is proportional to the time distance of impulse T: D=C×T/2 Where C is the speed of light Because the distance of empty tin E is known, material L is: L=E-D

1.3 Output
Set parameters by inputting the height of empty tin E(=zero point), the height of full tin F(=full scale) and some application parameters. Application parameters make automatically instrument adapt measurement environment, corresponding to the output of 4-20mA.

1.4 Application Medium
JCRD-800 series radar lever meter is suitable for non-contact continuous measurement of these things’ level such as liquid, slurry and gunk, and also is used in the places where temperature and pressure have big change, inert gases and volatilization exist. Use measuring method of microwave impulse, and can regularly work in the waveband of industrial frequency. The energy of wave beam is low, so it can be installed in containers and tunnels of various metals and non-metals, which are no damage to the human body and the environment.
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