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BCST > JC705 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter For 400C

JC705 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter For 400C

1.1 Measuring Principle
Guided wave radar level meter are a kind of measuring instrument based on the time travel , radar wave are travelling as light speed , the travel time can be transformed into level signal by the electronic parts . The detector can send the HF pulse and spread along cable , when the pulse meet the level surface , it will be reflected and received by the receptor inside the instruments , then the receptor will transform the distance signal into level signal.

The reflected impulse signal is transmitted along the proble to the circuit of the gauge . The microwave processor processes this signal , and recognizes the wave echo of the microwave impulse from the material surface . The correct wave echo signal is recognized by the intelligent softwave , the distance from the material surface D is proportional to the flying time of the impulse T: D=CT/2 C is the velocity of light . As the distance of the empty tank E is known , so L=E-D

By inputting empty tank height E(zero point) ,full tank height F(full measuring range) and some application parameter are set . With the application parameters , the transmitter will automatically adapt itself to the measuring enviroment, corresponding 4-20mA output . "As the leading manufacturer of process instruments in China, BCST has been in this field since 1990. Our product covers various kind of flowmeter , pressure transmitter , radar level gauge ,temperature gauge, magnetic level gauge etc . And we have exported to 80 countries , such as USA, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam,Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Israel etc. CE , ISO9001 ,ISO28001, ISO14001, Explosion-proof ,SGS certificate have been got by us. Our company purpose is to help our cilents develop and strong . "